Professional Career

Professional Career

Odile Husain completed her studies in clinical psychology as well as her Ph.D. in Switzerland. Her professional endeavours in private practice include psychodynamic psychotherapy with an adult clientele, psychological assessment for patients considering psychotherapy, clarifying complex diagnostic and/or therapeutic situations as well as supervising fellow psychologists.

Founding member of the Institut de Psychologie Projective (Institute of Projective Psychology), she directs the only existing post-graduate training program for projective assessment in Quebec, and this, after having trained psychologists in Europe and Asia. Her sustained efforts in providing this training over the last 28 years have rekindled the use of and given rise to a renewed practice of projective methods among psychologists, more specifically in the different mental health institutions of the Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau regions. She also has lectured at the University of Trois-Rivières and at UQAM in Montreal.

Affiliated to the Swiss Group called « École de Lausanne » (Lausanne School), she has participated in creating a qualitative and psychodynamic approach to speech analysis in projective testing, the latter combined with a rigorous knowledge of structural psychopathology. This approach is based on the notion that personality assessment constitutes the first therapeutic act, from which key issues can be established in view of psychotherapy. Odile Husain publishes regularly in francophone journals on projective techniques and a number of her works have been translated in other languages. She has taken a special interest in non-scorable relational phenomena, in the link between discourse and personality structure and in the issue of feedback following assessment. Her most recent team research topic involved bipolar disorder and manic-depressive personality, as well as subtle phenomena linked to psychotic personality structures.

Her publications include several co-authored books: a first book which appeared in 2001 entitled
« Psychopathologie et polysémie : Études différentielles à travers le Rorschach et le TAT » (Psychopathology and polysemy: Differential studies with the Rorschach and the TAT), a second one in 2005 called « Les phénomènes particuliers au Rorschach : Une relecture pointilliste, Volume I » (Particular Phenomena on the Rorschach: A pointillist reinterpretation, Volume I) and a third in 2012 (re-edited in 2017), « Les phénomènes particuliers au Rorschach : Une relecture pointilliste, Volume II » (Particular Phenomena on the Rorschach: A pointillist reinterpretation, Volume II).

She has completed mandates as Member-at-Large, Secretary General, and Vice-President of the International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods (ISR). Odile Husain is a member of the « Société Québécoise des Méthodes Projectives » (Quebec Society for Projective Methods) and of the « Société du Rorschach et des méthodes projectives de langue française » (French Language Society of Rorschach and Projective Methods). She is also a Fellow of the Society for Personality Assessment.