Current Activities

Current Activities

Activities 2023-2024

The Institute of Projective Psychology (IPP), Continuing Education Program

« Évaluation de la personnalité : premier acte thérapeutique. Approche structurale et méthodes projectives » (Personality Assessment: A First Therapeutic Act. A Structural Approach with Projective Methods).

This training will be dispensed in French, primarily via Zoom.

  • Levels I, II, III, IV and V are offered to psychologists in Montreal and surroundings.
    NEW: We are also accepting a few French-speaking psychologists from around the world, following an interview process.
  • Level V is offered to psychologists of Quebec City and surroundings.

Postgraduate Seminars

  • The seminar on integrating projective evaluation and psychotherapy is offered to post-gradudate psychologists of the IPP.
  • The seminar of group supervision is offered to psychologists who have completed the Continuing Education Program of the IPP.

Upcoming Events

  • Odile Husain, Ph.D., and Mariette Lepage, M.Ps will present the psychodynamic analysis of the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961), via Zoom on December 2, 2023. Registration at
  • Odile Husain, Ph.D., and Dr. James Kleiger co-facilitate an annual international case supervision group. Registrations are open for 2024. Contact
  • Odile Husain, Ph.D., and Mariette Lepage, M.Ps lead two post-graduate activities during the year 2024: a projective assessment and psychotherapy integration seminar and a supervision group for complex cases.
  • Odile Husain, Ph.D. will present a workshop on manic depression July 8, 2024 during the International Rorschach Congress in Copenhagen.