Continuing Education Program – cont’d

For whom was the IPP established?

Odile Husain teaches qualified clinical psychologists and graduate students (in the third year of their PhD program or above) who wish to develop in-depth skills in the field of projective assessment. This allows them to acquire, in a progressive manner, the status of projective psychologist, specifically qualified to give expert opinion on complex issues involving psychopathology and differential diagnosis.

Where and when?

Odile Husain directs the post-graduate continuing education program on projective assessment which is given over a five year period. Five levels of instruction are offered by Zoom, in Montreal and Quebec City:

  • Level I: « Parcours de la psychopathologie et repères pour l’intervention » (An overview of psychopathology and guidelines for intervention) (four ten-hour sessions, from January to December).
  • Level II: « La symptomatologie revisitée : personnalité et sens du symptôme » (Symptomatology revisited: personality and meaning of symptoms) (two ten-hour sessions, from January to December).
  • Level III: « Diagnostic différentiel structural au service de l’intervention thérapeutique » (Differential structural diagnosis in the service of therapeutic intervention) (two ten-hour sessions, from January to December).
  • Level IV: « Cas complexes d’évaluation : de l’analyse à l’entrevue de restitution » (Complex cases in assessment: from analysis to feedback) (three Fridays from January to December).
  • Level V: « Passages de l’évaluation à l’intervention : applications cliniques » (From assessment to intervention: clinical applications) (three Fridays from January to December) in collaboration with Mariette Lepage, M.Ps.